My name is Kaja and I am in the middle of my meteorological adventure as a PhD student at the University of Reading. My research focus is on the meteorological influence on operational air quality forecasts in the UK. More specifically, I am trying to evaluate how the forecast skill of meteorological conditions (e.g. precpitation, windspeed, boundary layer height, etc) in a model used operationally might influence the forecast skill of surface pollutants (e.g. ozone, nitrogen oxide or PM2.5 and PM10). As these pollutants are emitted at / live close to the surface of the Earth, their accumulation and transport is dictated by how the weather behaves in the lowest part of the atmosphere. I want to explore various evaluation techniques to see where the model performs well (and not so well) in forecasting air quality and the meteorology.

Here’s my homepage!

And my Twitter! @kaja_mil

Previously, I studied BSc Physics and Mathematics at the University of Warwick. Fun fact: I rolled straight onto the PhD, without a Master’s degree. This is possible in the UK!

A few hobbies of mine don’t stretch too far besides sitting at my desk and debugging code. I enjoy travelling (but always wish I had more time and money for it!), running, ballroom dancing, photoing, reading and pianoing – but that’s pretty much it!

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