New Beginnings: I’m a PhD student!

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Three weeks ago, for the first time of many to come, I took a seat at my desk in my new office at Reading university. That’s right my friends. I’ve started a PhD. In meteorology. Air quality modelling, to be precise. And I still can’t believe it.

Like, LITERALLY cannot belieeeeeeeve it.

I feel no different than a kid in a chocolate shop. Everything is exciting! I am young and hopeful and yearning for my research to have an impact on something environmentally important. I know this feeling will not last forever, and I know that as soon as my abominable computing skills hit home,  I will want to start banging my head against the computer screen. But I want to ride on this high wave of excitement for as long as I can; if that wave lasts the entire 3.5 years for which I am here, then so be it! But don’t be fooled that perhaps I am fooled that things will be easy. I know it won’t be easy. Three weeks in, and already it is proving not easy at all. But I knew what I signed myself up for. And I’m more than ready to embrace this challenge.

Before I carry on with anything else, I just need to point out that is very much my personal bubble in the online world, and is not representative of the views of my university, studentship provider and research council or any other people I and my work is associated with. I want to be able to carry on blogging as I have done over the past few years with no change in style , formality or content. I write, because I like to write and I have always loved to write. Much of it is nonsense anyway.

So… I have survived three weeks of pretending to be a responsible adult. I go to seminars, supervisor meetings, lectures, problems classes, panto meetings (!?) and all that. Basically, life doesn’t feel too much different from my undergraduate days. Except now I have access to the departmental kitchen, a place I recall being forbidden as a UG student back at Warwick. I am looked after by a great supervisor and share an office with a bunch of fellow lovely PhD students, some of whom I’m lucky to also be sharing a house with. This will all change once the masters-level modules I am taking are over and I have to scuba dive into the depths of my project. And of course, I will write a whole separate post introducing my project soon, perhaps after I free my hands of these dirty computing assignments… For now, I’m enjoying the very much applied aspect of my studies and being able to utilise my previously acquired physics and maths knowledge, except my thoughts no longer plagued daily by the theoretical question of whether Schro’s cat is alive or dead.

Hold on tight with me, this will be a whole new adventure 🙂

I am once again returning to my camera, running, ballroom dancing and… plenty of coffee.

Greens and oranges and browns and leaves.


8 thoughts on “New Beginnings: I’m a PhD student!

  1. hzsp says:

    Oh! You’re at Reading now? In which case I’ve probably met you already without realising it! Good luck with your PhD 🙂

  2. newlywedmoi says:

    Congrats on this new stage of life! I know the feeling you’re having as I’m about to start an exciting new job in biomedical research and am looking forward to riding the high until the novelty wears off. XD You’ll have to let me know in another six months or so whether you recommend pursuing a PhD. I wrestle with the decision, as in my field I’ve seen people 7 years to finish one. *shudders at the thought*. Did you take any time off between undergrad and grad school?

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