Andromeda In a New Light

I cannot believe this is my first time blogging since 2015 had begun! Life back at university is quite topsy-turvy all over again, there’s always something more to do. I’ve just submitted a major C Programming assignment which I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks, so I’d better give myself a break and write in another  language for a while (and by that I apparently mean HTML… oh the irony).

Anyway; absent-mindedly scrolling through my Facebook homepage, I noticed a friend of mine has posted this:


and thought “wow I need to see this!?”. Wow, you really do have to see this. Click above for the zoomable link, or be lazy and have a look here:

credit: NASA / ESA and rightful owners.


Courtesy of the Hubble Space Telescope, over 100 million stars of the M31 have been captured in the highest resolution to date. If you happen to be in possession of a mere 600 HD screens, you can view the whole image! It’s only 4.3GB and just 69536 x 22230 pixels in size anyway… However, those of us less well-off and in possession of a single laptop screen can still view the cropped image which nonetheless doesn’t fail to impress.

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