The Scary Welcome Post…

“First Post: The Awkward Story of an Inexperienced Blogger”. Okay, so perhaps I’m not the most beginner of beginners, but a beginner nonetheless. The first post is always the one with most uncertainty, so I’ll try my best to keep things on a clear line!

Hello. I often wonder why I hadn’t started blogging about science and/or maths much earlier! Perhaps it was the tumult of my first year at university that stopped me from doing anything that could be regarded as ‘not entirely academic’. Alas, I have miraculously survived the horrors of my first year studying Mathematics and Physics at the University of Warwick and now that the summer break is upon us, I’d like to utilise this time to begin something new and semi-beneficial for my degree, I suppose.

Hopefully, will be updated far more regularly than its music blog equivalent over at anomnom (sadly, my returning to my former music blog is a rare occurrence as of late!). It’ll be nice to have a website I could call my own 🙂


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